I Entered My Shipping Address Incorrectly

Please contact us within 48 hours as your order has not been shipped yet and is in the production stage. Once the order has been shipped, we cannot make changes to the address.

If your item is in transit to the wrong address:

Don't worry, you can still get your package! We listed some solutions below: 

  1. First, be sure to keep up with your tracking updates. 
  2. Once your item is in your state, contact or visit your local USPS (U.S.) or Postal Provider (Other Countries). Provide them with your Tracking number and shipping information and request to have your package held for pick up instead of being delivered to the incorrect address.
  3. If they decline your request) You have two other options:
  • Get in touch with the current residents of the address it is being delivered to. If you do not know them, we recommend writing them a letter to form an arrangement to get your items. Make sure you provide them with your contact information. 
  • If possible, try going to the address on the day of delivery to collect your package.

Please understand that we are not the shipping provider. Once the order has been shipped, we do not have any control over it and we can only offer customer service retaining to this policy.

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